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A Weekend of Friendship, Flavorful Feasts, and Lilac Love: Exploring Boston and Celebrating Mother’s Day

Land Acknowledgement: We want to respectfully acknowledge the Pawtucket and Massa-adchu-es-et (Massachusett) Peoples, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.

Life is all about seizing opportunities and creating beautiful memories along the way. Our recent weekend in Boston was a perfect blend of friendship, delicious food, and the celebration of Mother’s Day. Join us as we delve into the delightful experiences we had while visiting Michelle’s college friend, Erin, her husband Matt, and their adorable daughter Isla. 

Boston welcomed us with open arms as we arrived, brimming with excitement, ready to reconnect with Erin and her beautiful family. It was a joyous reunion, filled with laughter and reminiscing about the good old college days. Meeting Isla, a bundle of energy and curiosity, added an extra layer of delight to our visit.

Balancing Work and Play

As much as we were eager to immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of Boston, life sometimes calls for a delicate balancing act. This trip was no exception, as we tackled the challenge of aligning Allen’s work commitments with our travel plans. It marked our first time navigating the logistics of having Allen fly home for his monthly work meeting in Baltimore while Michelle continued to enjoy the company of Erin and her family.

We left our Rhode Island campsite at 3:00 am to arrive at Logan airport by 4:00 am before Allen’s early morning flight. After a brief scare with low tunnel clearance, we successfully arrived at the Departures. Allen confidently left the truck and trailer in Michelle’s adventurous hands! After a failed attempt to see the sunrise, she made her way to Erin’s home to attempt parking in their driveway despite the cars parked on the road and the Trash Day preparations. A story much more lively told in person, be sure to ask her!

Crying at the Coffee Counter

Once parked, Michelle and Neko set forth to work remotely from a local coffee shop. Put yourself in the coffee shop, you see Michelle sitting at small table in the back corner, full set up with her computer open, cord plugged in, water bowl on the floor, and Neko ready to settle in at her feet when the barista comes over to point out that Neko is not a service dog and we weren’t welcome to stay.

Feasting and Flavorful Adventures

Matt, a culinary wizard, showcased his skills by treating us to a delightful array of dishes. Friday’s dinner featured mouthwatering blackened tuna with a tantalizing blend of fresh pineapple, scallion, and jalapeno, a combination that danced on Michelle’s taste buds and left her craving for more (sorry you missed it Allen!). And as if that wasn’t enough, Saturday’s feast consisted of an assortment of grilled sausages paired with Erin’s homemade fries—a match made in foodie heaven. Michelle played with Isla until dinnertime, and we all sat around the fire to end out the evening.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Style

Saturday morning brought with it a special occasion—a pre-celebration of Mother’s Day. We started the day by taking a leisurely walk through the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, where the air was fragrant and path full of outdoor lovers. As we approached the enchanting scent of lilacs, we learned this was Erin’s favorite flower. Erin’s love for these delicate blooms was contagious, and we found ourselves marveling at their beauty. As we walked, sharing heartfelt stories along the way, it was as if Allen and Matt caught a glimpse of what Erin and Michelle were like in college and how their friendship has remained so special. After our refreshing walk, Erin & Matt headed to Cape Code to spend the rest of the weekend with family and we embarked onward with our journey.

Life is an Adventure

Our weekend in Boston was a delightful tapestry woven with the threads of friendship, culinary delights, and the celebration of motherhood. From the warmth of Erin, Matt, and Isla’s company to the flavors that danced on our palates, every moment was a testament to the beauty of shared experiences and the bonds that endure across time.

So, dear readers, may you too seize the opportunities that come your way, embrace the joy of reunions, savor the flavors that ignite your senses, and cherish the precious moments that make life truly extraordinary. And if your travels take you to Boston, let the city’s vibrant energy and enchanting charms sweep you off your feet, leaving you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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