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A Night of Love and Laughter: At Home with the Quinns

Land Acknowledgement: We would like to honor all the ancestral Native American tribes of the Eastern Woodlands who were stewards of this land including the Pequonnock, Golden Hill Paugussett, Wappinger, and Schaghticoke peoples on which we enjoyed being with our family. Learn more about the Schaghticoke First Nations here.

Sometimes, life gives us the most precious gifts in the form of cherished friendships. Our recent visit to Michelle’s best friend since college, Noel, and her lovely family was a testament to the enduring power of connection. Join us as we recount a delightful evening filled with mouthwatering food, heartfelt conversations, and a memorable basement sleepover.

A Reunion of Hearts

As we arrived at Noel’s home, we were enveloped in a warm embrace, greeted by her contagious laughter and the excited chatter of her kids, who are also Michelle’s beloved nieces and nephews. The years melted away, and we instantly felt at home in the presence of family—chosen family.

A Culinary Delight

Noel and Matt, a magic culinary duo, treated us to a feast for the senses. The tantalizing aroma of BBQ ribs wafted through the backyard air, teasing our taste buds and igniting our appetites. The ribs, smoked to perfection, were succulent and tender, falling off the bone with each flavorful bite. Accompanying the delicious ribs was a side dish that transported us to the vibrant streets of Mexico: traditional Mexican street corn. Grilled to perfection and slathered with a creamy blend of spices and cheese, it was a burst of flavors that danced on our tongues. This culinary masterpiece was the perfect balance of smoky, sweet, and tangy. 

To complement this delectable meal, Noel uncorked bottles of red wine (even a non-alcoholic version for Michelle!). As we enjoyed adult time in the backyard, the wine warmed our hearts and enhanced the already lively atmosphere. The whole evening was a toast to friendship, love, and the joy of being present in each other’s lives.

Laughter, Love, and Basement Sleepovers

As the evening wore on, our conversations flowed effortlessly, punctuated by bouts of laughter and shared memories. We marveled at the growth and accomplishments of Noel’s children, listening as they share stories of school, sports, and life. The love was palpable and healing, a reminder of the enduring bonds that time and distance cannot break.

As the night drew to a close, Noel had beds ready for us to crash knowing more than we how exhausted we truly were. We descended the stairs into a cozy haven filled with blankets, pillows, and the promise of a Monday morning routine waking us up in the morning! 🙂 We fell fast asleep cherishing this opportunity to be home. In the soft glow of the basement nightlights, we snuggled into our makeshift beds, feeling the warmth of love and gratitude wash over us. It was in these quiet moments, surrounded by family and friends, that we realized how fortunate we were to have Noel and her family in our lives.

Life is an Adventure

As Michelle bid farewell the next morning, her heart overflowed with gratitude. Our visit to Noel’s home had been more than a simple dinner—it was the best kind of adventure one of love and friendship. We were reminded of the power of shared experiences and the importance of nurturing the connections that truly matter.

So, dear readers, may you too be blessed with friendships that feel like home, where laughter echoes through the halls and meals become celebrations of love. And if you ever find yourself surrounded by the laughter of children and the warmth of cherished bonds, hold on to those moments, for they are the true treasures that enrich our lives.

NOTE: Images included are from 2017… we forgot to take them while there this year.

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